Faded Photos:

Faded Photos? If your images have only minor damage, for example slightly faded photos or ones that have yellowed over time, our Basic Restoration service could be just the answer for you. Even at a basic level, there are many things we can do to improve or enhance your discoloured or faded photos. This service is also good for newer photos that have only minor imperfections.

Faded photos restored
At this level we can:
  • √ Remove red-eye
  • √ Restore faded photos or discoloured areas
  • √ Improve contrast and brightness
  • √ Remove colour cast
  • √ Enhance sharpness and colour balance
  • √ Repair minor blemishes and spotting
  • √ Repair small scratches and minor creasing


We can improve contrast, brightness, colour, tone and even exposure. We can remove minor blemishes and stains; repair small tears and restore age damaged or faded photos. We will generally not undertake any manipulation work at this level but will offer a discount of 50% if you order any manipulation service at the same time as ordering Basic Restoration.

Our basic restoration service is suitable for lightly damaged images, with the majority of the photo intact. We will NOT undertake any complex restoration or manipulation within this level of service.

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