Photo Restorations

Our professional photo restoration service can repair your old, damaged and faded photos; Photo Restorations - Level Heavyour incredible service gets those treasured images out on display once again!Once we have received your image electronically, our photo restorations artist can digitally restore, enhance or manipulate your image, using specialist image software.

Photo Restorations – What can we do?

  • Remove cracks, scratches and creases.
  • Remove dirt spots, stains and mould.
  • Replace/add backgrounds.
  • Restore torn pictures.
  • Add/remove items/people from images.
  • Balance, tone, contrast and brightness alterations.
  • Enhance details.
  • Selective colour addition…..and more!


The cost of restoring your images will depend on the condition they are in. In order to make life as simple as possible when using our services, we have provided several categories, with details, to enable you to chose the correct level of service. Please do not be concerned about this as we will always contact you regarding the level of work required, and the corresponding cost, before beginning any photo restorations. This also means if you have asked for an intermediate level service and upon viewing the image we decide it requires only a basic level, the cost to you is reduced.

Heavy Level RestorationOnce we have your image and instructions we will provide you with a digital proof of your image BEFORE you pay us. You only pay once you are completely satisfied with your “new” photo. Please allow a week for us to complete the photo restorations; however, if your image turns out to be more complex than first thought, we will contact you with an expected completion date. (If this should prove to be the case please note we only charge you the price we originally quoted.)

Please see our gallery for examples of our work and other services available; Photo manipulation; Image creation; Digital Art; Other Projects.



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