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Let sleeping cats lie!

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Our Photo Manipulation service differs slightly from our other services. Generally, we will only undertake very minor restoration work, to enhance the image. We will not undertake heavy restoration work or complex image creations when you use our photo manipulation service. However, we will offer a discount of 50% on Photo Restoration, should you order it with our image manipulation service. Again, we will use your images, and we can achieve a multitude of effects and enhancements.

Photo manipulation - Medium level

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Photo Manipulation Basic

Photo Manipulation – Hidden from View

Calicos Design image manipulation services will take your images to a level you could only dream of! Our photo manipulation services offer an invaluable, affordable way to ensure you receive your dream image every time. Our Image Manipulation artists can achieve a variety of effects and produce outstanding results.

Photo Manipulation – What can we do?

  • Alter colour, tone, lighting etc.
  • Remove objects/people.
  • Change or replace backgrounds.
  • Add selective colour to black and white images.
  • Facial re-touching.
  • “Glamour” manipulations for that special event.

Using the latest digital software, objects or people can be removed, backgrounds can be changed or replaced completely to achieve whatever you desire! We can achieve a variety of effects; turn your image into a sketch, add filters to create a pop poster, use multiple images to create a montage….whatever you want our photo manipulation boffins will be able to do it!

Prices start from as little as £10. We offer a fast service and guarantee you will NOT pay unless you are 100% happy with your image. You will always get to see your image BEFORE you pay. Once you are happy with your photo manipulation, we will provide you with a payment link and email your image (minus our watermark) for you to enjoy at home.

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