This page is devoted to ORIGINALhand-drawn/painted art with no digital enhancements. None of the art on this page is either created or owned by us and remain the sole property of the incredibly gifted artist, Nancy Darke. 


Nancy is a Suffolk artist, who has lived close to the charming East Suffolk town of Woodbridge, for most of her life. Nancy trained in Chester and then in Cambridge, working for many years as an art teacher and later, a specialist in Special Needs Education.


Nancy is passionate about Suffolk and about nature.  She is renowned for stopping her car abruptly to take photos of local scenes, flowers or animals; much to the dismay of her children, who know that this means they arriving late – yet again! Despite this slight eccentricity, Nancy is an incredibly compassionate, gentle lady, who has a great sense of humour and outlook on life! I am fortunate enough to know her personally.


Nancy’s command of colour is incredible and her embroidered artwork is intricately detailed and flawlessly finished. Nancy works in acrylic and mixed media, as well as textiles. Nancy’s work has been displayed around Suffolk, including both the Norfolk & Suffolk Shows.


If you are interested in any of Nancy’s artwork or would like further information please email: and Nancy will be pleased to answer queries you may have.


All prices are correct at the time of publishing on Calicos Design and we cannot be held responsible for any changes the artist may make to their work nor can we guarantee the availability of any piece of work, as Nancy’s art is very popular.


Nancy Darke Art can be viewed here on our website and Nacy darke Art can purchased directly from the artist by contacting her direct.

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